The weekend's workshops focus on local activism and participation

The program of the No Survival Without Peace event includes workshops on Saturday 19th November at 15.00-16.30 (Finnish time, UTC+2) and on Sunday 20th November at 12.15-13.00 (Finnish time, UTC+2). On Saturday, the theme of the workshops is "How to strengthen work for environment and peace locally?", which will be discussed before the start of the workshops by author Anni Kytömäki and by Executive Director of Peace Union of Finland Laura Lodenius . The theme of Sunday's workshops is "How can we get more people involved in the work for the planet and peace?". At the end of each day, the discussions and observations of the workshops are discussed in the auditorium with the whole group.

The purpose of the workshops is to approach topics in a smaller group, discuss together and make new insights. A battery of questions has been designed for the workshops, which the leaders can use to start a discussion. Zoom participants are given the same set of questions for independent work.

The primary language of the workshops in Tampere is Finnish. If necessary, one of the workshop members can act as an interpreter if there is a need to use English. The battery of questions distributed to workshops' leaders is also in English, so it serves as a help when working if necessary too.

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